A day at Disneyland inspired by the Casuaphotophile’s review of the camera from 2018 (https://casualphotophile.com/2018/11/16/fujifilm-natura-s-black-f19-review/).

Disclaimer: This isn’t a full review, it’s more of an overview of my thoughts on using the camera at Disneyland Hong Kong. I used one roll of Kodak Gold 200 and half a roll of Lomography color 400.

Being exclusively released and sold in Japan from 2001 to 2006 the Natura was sold as a companion camera to Fujifilm’s Natura 1600 35mm film for night photography. Boasting a maximum aperture of f1.9, …

Spoiler Alert! It’s not good.

Unfree Speech: The Threat to Global Democracy and Why We Must Act, Now’ written by Joshua Wong and Jason Y. Ng with an introduction by renowned artist Ai Wei Wei is a 2020 publication, which at its core, aims at calling the international community to action against what Wong believes to be the greatest threat to ‘global democracy’.

My expectations for the book were not high. I expected to be told what the greatest threat to global democracy was and why I should act now, in a well thought through, logical, and methodological structure. …

With regards to racial issues, although I understand the sentiments of the statements like ‘that’s just how things are’, ‘life is better now than ever’ or ‘change takes time’ we should not be negating the fact that we can still communicate more to understand each other’s experiences and each other’s plights to build a better world. We need to understand each other and see others not as ‘others’ but as people. Like the person in your reflection.

I understand people are angry and frustrated as they have every reason to be so. However, demands for immediate and extreme actions, and…

Brandon Ho

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